Toad Detour Predictor Page for the Roxborough Reservoir

4 days until the 2024 toad detour begins! From March to May, this screen will show weather forecasts and projected toad counts for the days when the weather is favorable.

Toads are coming

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SummaryDate /
Weather @ SundownPred-
No toads Sunday February 25th
5:49 PM
35 / Partly Cloudy0 toads
No toads Monday February 26th
5:50 PM
47 / Partly Cloudy0 toads
100+ toads Tuesday February 27th
5:51 PM
55 / Light Rain Likely290 toads
100+ toads Wednesday February 28th
5:52 PM
60 / Rain290 toads
No toads Thursday February 29th
5:53 PM
37 / Mostly Clear0 toads
No toads Friday March 1st
5:54 PM
39 / Partly Cloudy0 toads
No toads Saturday March 2nd
5:55 PM
47 / Slight Chance Light Rain0 toads

Click on an above date for forecast details. Forecast is how many American Toads a fully staffed detour night would count in the two hours after sunset.

The below table shows past days and the number of toads seen vs the number of toads predicted.

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