Product Endorsements

These products I have used and recommend.

Active Ankle T2 Ankle Brace $43 You can run with this brace and not have to worry about sprains.
Black Kow Manure$5 / bag Great stuff...more or less organic
Center Point Pond$1-$25 Excellent family run pond store. They have plants, tadpoles, pumps, everything you need for a pond.
Coca Cola Zero Sugar$5 / gallon Yum
Epic Kayak V7 surfski$1850 Plastic instead of fiber; heavier but less expensive than fiber.
ExpertGPS$33/year Awesome mapping software - use with your GPS devices.
Globkens Chicken$5.75 My dog doesn't bother with this chicken but I give them out as toys for people.
Nitecore flashlights$100 - $200 This company makes excellent flashlights and provides realistic brightness values for their products.
One Night Werewolf game$25 Excellent game for 5 - 8 people. For more people, the regular "Werewolf" game is excellent as well.
Plant Design Group$$$$$ not cheap! These guys made a landscaping plan for a new deck, stone walkways, a pond and a side yard gated area. It wasn't cheap, and we had to bring Javan back near the completion for a few tweaks, but we really like how it turned out.
Seattle Sports Nemo Extremo Cart$165 An excellent cart for kayaking. Disassembles so you can tuck it away while paddling.
Seattle Sports Paddleboy All Terrain Cart$200 An excellent cart for canoeing when you have portages. Can handle lots of weight and conditions.
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