Annual Paddle Loop and Hot Dog Roast

banner Every year since 2019 I've organized a paddle loop on the Schuylkill near Phoenixville. Canoe, kayak or SUP. It is free (other than the cost of renting a boat if you need to do that).

Start in the canal

banner We start by kayaking from Fitzwater Station towards Lock 60. The "Fitz" rents kayaks and canoes - call 610-933-1421 or 717-475-4127 to reserve a canoe or kayak. Do NOT leave a message. Talk to a live person during business hours.

The canal

banner The canal parallels the river in this area.

Paddling in the canal

banner The paddle in the canal gives everyone a chance to talk and look at all the turtles (Photo by Julie Keim)


banner There are lots and lots of turtles in the canal (photo by Julie Keim)

The first portage

banner Once we reach Lock 60, we portage to the river - about 100 meters

The Schuylkill River

banner The Schuylkill River is pretty shallow and tame. You can stand in 95% of the route. There is a little current once past first bridge.

Hot dogs

banner Fairly soon we reach an island with a clearing and a fire pit. We roast hotdogs and marshmallows.


banner In 2024 it was so nice most people just sat in the river after eating (source pictures by me; digitally editted to include both Danielle and I in the same picture by Julie Keim)


banner In 2023, it rained after we were done with the hot dogs and marshmallows It rained about 30 minutes while we hid under the Japanese knotweed.. Just about everyone from 2023 returned in 2024 so I guess it wasn't that bad :)


banner The year 2022


banner The 2021 crew


banner The 2019 crew

Back in the river

banner After the roast, we paddle to the final portage.

Second portage

banner The second portage back to the canal is about 200 meters.

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