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Toad Forecast for
Saturday March 25th, 2023: 0 toads

predicted. (Actual toads: 0)

Six hour avg48
Rain factor (1.0-3.0)2.25
Two day avg48
Low temp42
Prev day0
Raw Forecast0
Total pred so far290
Final 0

This is the hourly weather forecast for Saturday March 25th, 2023

TimeStampTemperature2Day AvgWeather forecast
00:00:004649Slight Chance Light Rain
01:00:004648Slight Chance Light Rain
02:00:004548Chance Light Rain
03:00:004548Chance Light Rain
04:00:004448Chance Light Rain
05:00:004448Chance Light Rain
06:00:004448Chance Light Rain
07:00:004548Light Rain Likely
08:00:004448Light Rain Likely
09:00:004248Chance Light Rain
10:00:004348Light Rain Likely
11:00:004548Periods Of Light Rain
12:00:004647Periods Of Light Rain
13:00:004447Chance Rain Showers
14:00:004747Chance Rain Showers
15:00:004947Chance Rain Showers
16:00:005047Chance Rain Showers
17:00:005148Slight Chance Rain Showers
18:00:005148Mostly Cloudy
19:00:005148Slight Chance Showers And Thunderstorms
20:00:005048Chance Showers And Thunderstorms
21:00:005148Chance Showers And Thunderstorms
22:00:004548Areas Of Fog
23:00:004948Areas Of Fog
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